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About Solan

Written By Anirudh Sood on Thursday, 7 April 2016 | 10:15:00

The historical backdrop of Solan does a reversal to the time of Pandawas. As per neighborhood old stories, Pandavas lived here amid their outcast. In 1815 British won Baghat state (now Solan) from the Gurkhas, Gurkha fortification or Arki Fort is as yet standing tall on a mountain close to Solan city and it is one of the famous notable vacation destinations of Solan. The town has been a capital of the royal Baghat State. The word Baghat is gotten from Bau or Bahu, signifying "numerous", and Ghat signifying "pass". At first the state base camp of the Baghat State was situated at Bhoch in the Bhuchali pargana, yet the central station of the state was moved to Solan after the development of cantonment here. The railroad was set up in 1902. The development of solan City can be comprehended in the accompanying request or arrangement :-

How to reach Solan

Solan has a railway station which is halfway from Kalka to Shimla on the limited gage course. This toy train is additionally a part of the UNESCO world legacy locales and the course is exceptionally pleasant. The significant railroad station nearest to Solan is in Kalka which is 44 kms away. The nearest air terminal is in Chandigarh which is 67 kms from Solan. One can without much of a stretch discover taxicabs and transports to reach Solan. 


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