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Written By Anirudh Sood on Saturday, 9 April 2016 | 23:20:00

Barog Station

Barog was settled in the first 20th century during the building of the thin gauge Kalka-Shimla Railway. This is given its name Colonel Barog, an professional involved in building the railway track in 1903.
Barog, the engineer, was in charge of designing a canal nearby the railway station. This individual commenced digging the canal from both equally factors of the mountain, quite common as it boosts construction. However, he made mistakes in his computation and while constructing the tunnel, it was found that the two ends of the tunnel would not meet. Barog was fined an amount of 1 Rupee by the British federal government. Unable to withstand the humiliation, Barog committed committing suicide and was buried nearby the incomplete tunnel. The area had become known as Barog after him.

Later on it was constructed under Chief Engineer H. Harrington's supervision, guided by a local sage, Bhalku, from Come july 1st 1900 to September 1903, at a cost of 840, 000 rupees.
This kind of tunnel is the lengthiest of the 103 functionaL tunnels on the way of the Shimla-Kalka Train, which is 1143. 61m long. Barog station is immediately after the canal. Barog tunnel is the straightest tunnel on the globe.

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