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Shoolini Festival

Written By Anirudh Sood on Saturday, 9 April 2016 | 22:56:00

Shoolini Mata

Shoolini festival in Solan, Himachal Pradesh here we are speaking about the main one of the oldest and religious festivity of the Solan region which is recognized as Shoolini festivity. This festival annually came up in the month of June on last week and continues for the 3 days. Basically the Shoolini is the name of the area Devi of this district which this festival is known as Shoolini festival. In this article we are referring to the details information regarding this fair. This kind of article is basically comprising the several parts which include a brief history of the fair, main attraction of the fair and how to reach this place. For further information regarding this place you have to see the article which is given below. You can also suggest or post a comment in the below in comment box.

Shoolini festivity is one of the oldest and religious celebrations of the Solan area. This festival came annually in the month of the June and carries on for three days. This kind of festival was firstly began in the beginning of those days when there was a Mata in whose name was Shoolini Devi after his sacrifice this festival is celebrated in the memory of her sacrifice. There was a huge temple on the reverse side of the old bus stand, Solan. In this temple there is an idol of the Mata is located and in front of this ideal there are two small lions are created on the both side of the entering gate.

On the occassion of festival, many sports and cultural events are organised on historical Thodo-ground. On first day of Mela thodo is played in which two teams are in play and by turn one have to attack on other teams below legs with boo. Earlier in 19 century it was said that people of kingdom and others used to hunt animals and this sport make the presence of hunting and aim of attacker. People from all villages of Himachal reaches Solan to watch this Ancient Sport event.

Wrestling (Kushti) also used to be the main attraction of people. As this used to be a 3 day event on first day local wrestlers show there muscles and earn the respect of people. On second day Wrestlers from other states are given chance and finally on third day famous wrestlers of India plays matches and at around 8 PM in evening final match i.e. Maali is played between two finalist and the winner is given Cash prize with gadha as a honour.


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