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Jwalamukhi Ji

Written By Anirudh Sood on Saturday, 6 August 2016 | 23:04:00

Jawalaji Gorakh Dibbi

Jwala Ji is one of the most worshiped places in India. This Temple is of  goddess Jawala. Gorakh dibbi is the most worshiped place where guru Gorakh nath used to worship here. That's why the place is famous with the name of Gorakh dibbi. Today  this Dibbi means water reservoir. 

The physical manifestation of Jwala Ji is always a set of flames burning off natural gas. Shrines dedicated to Jwala Ji were based on fissures from which natural gas seeped by itself. The number of flames is usually either seven(for the seven divine sisters) or nine (for the nine Durgas).

Jwalaji (fire) or Jwala Mukhi (fire mouth) is likely the most antiquated sanctuary talked about here other than Vaishno Devi. It is specified in the Mahabharata and different sacred writings. There is a characteristic cavern where interminable flares keep on burning. Some say there are seven or nine blazes for the seven perfect sisters or the nine Durgas. It is here that Sati's tongue fell which can now be found as the fire. 

The Legend 

A cowherd found that one of his bovines was dependably without milk. He took after the bovine to discover the cause. He saw a young lady leave the backwoods, drink the bovines milk, and after that vanish in a blaze of light. The cowherd went to the lord and recounted to him the story. The lord knew about the legend that Sati's tongue had fallen around there. The lord attempted, without accomplishment, to find that sacrosanct spot. Once more, a few years after the fact, the cowherd went to the lord to report that he had seen a fire blazing in the mountains. The ruler found the spot and had darshan (vision) of the blessed fire. He constructed a sanctuary there and orchestrated ministers to enguage in normal love. It is trusted that the Pandavas came later and revamped the sanctuary. 

It was Dhyanu Bhagat who spread Devi Mata's name. He inhabited the season of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. Dhyanu Bhagat was going through Delhi with a gathering of travelers on their approach to Jwalaji. Akbar summoned him to his court to ask into the way of their Goddess. Dhyanu Bhagat let him know She is almighty and answers the petitions of Her lovers. 

To test Her energy Akbar remove the leader of Dhyanu's stallion requesting him to have the Goddess set it back. Dhyanu went to Jwalaji and asked day and night without much of any result. Out of distress he remove his own particular head and offered it to Devi Ma. She then appeared to him riding a lion. She reconnected both his head and that of the stallion. Devi Ma additionally offered Dhyanu Bhagat a shelter. He asked for that it ought not be so troublesome for pigrams to demonstrate their dedication. Mata said that later on the off chance that somebody offered a coconut she would acknowledge it as though they had offered their own particular head. Right up 'til today individuals keep on offering coconuts to the Goddess in Her sanctuaries everywhere throughout the world. Jwala mata is Kuldevi of Bhatiya (now lives in Gujarat) and Bhardwaj Gutra Brahmins.

Jwala Ji Kangra

Jwala Ji is localed in Jwalamukhi town of kangra district. of Himachal Pradesh. state of India.

Mode of travel

Distance from tourist place Dharamshala to Jwalamukhi is around 55 kms. and from Chandigarh is around about 292 kms and mode of Transport is from Road via Private vehicles, Buses.

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