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Child caught while stealing in mobile shop

Written By Anirudh Sood on Saturday, 1 July 2017 | 03:43:00

A strange thing happens in Solan today. Child of 11 years of age stolen Rs. 1200 from lady purse from Sharma Electronics, The Mall, Solan.

When we talk about fast development of cities then we forgot to think about how hi-tech are thief now a days. Today on Saturday what happened that made all in a very strange situation to understand what happened.

Today in morning when powner of shop was busy on attending customers at the same time 11 years old thief entered the shop and stolen 1200/- from lady purse. When lady finally purchased the mobile phone and checked her purse to pay shop-keeper the Lady was shocked and she raised alarm that her purse is stolen.

As city is Hi-tech and shop-keeper had installed CCTV cameras in his shop. They checked the footage and identified that robbery had took place in his shop. Shop-keeper Kartik vashisht, Sharma electronics caught the thief near Anand complex and handed over to police personnel.


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