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Shimla rape: victim's identity revealed on Social media

Written By Anirudh Sood on Saturday, 22 July 2017 | 23:34:00

Many residents of Himachal Pradesh have started the campaign 'Justice for Gudiya' (not real name) on social media like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp to build pressure in the gang rape and murder of the minor school girl from Kotkhai in Shimla.

In the process however, they have themselves broken the law by sharing her photographs that includes graphical picture of her body lying in the forest area.

Those who violates the law are liable to be punished with either simple warning or rigorous imprisonment for up to two years. If the victim is dead, or if the survivor is unsound mind or a minor. The next to kin have to give it in written that they don't have any issue if identity is being made public.

Police sources said TOI that they would find it difficult to act against people sharing the photos given that there is widespread anger against the cops. Many people have alleged that real culprits in the case are being shielded, but the cops have denied that allegations.

The girl, student of class X have gone missing on July 4 after school.

The girl naked body was recovered from forest area on July 6, sparking widespread anger among the people. Soon, the photograph og her body was circulated on Facebook and WhatsApp leading to more resentment.

Later another photograph of her in school uniform was circulated as people started demanding justice for her.

Appeal from Solan Live. Please don't share such photographs or sensitive information on social media. Gudiya will definitely get justice.

Sources for report: Times Of India on 23-07-2017


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