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1500 years old historical temple is ignored by government

Written By Anirudh Sood on Tuesday, 3 October 2017 | 10:35:00

Snake Temple

Sirmour: The 1500 years old historical temple in sirmour distt. of Himachal Pradesh is ignored by government. It is located in the Nag Devata temple Salvala.

Priest and local public told that neither this temple is getting its old identity nor there is a revival of this historic temple. Naag devata temple is a center of faith for locals and is totally ignored from the historical places in Himachal-Pradesh.

This existence of this temple is so much that locals are dedicating there first crop to this god in the temple.

Hundreds of year ago, the temple had been damaged

Hundreds of years ago, temple was totally damaged whose residues has been digged by local residents. Main attraction of this temple is that Fair is organized twice a year. This time fair was organized on Dussehra festival as on 30th September 2017. In which people from surroundings have participated in the fair festival.

Nevertheless, neither local administration nor state government is taking care of such a historical place.


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