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Check which CM Virbhadra Singh relative joined BJP.

Written By Anirudh Sood on Thursday, 12 October 2017 | 04:19:00

BJP had played the game changer move by adding family member of CM's wife Pratibha Singh in party.

Jyoti Sen, the relative of Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, has taken the BJP's favor from the assembly elections. Jyoti Sen is the sister-in-law of Virbhadra Singh's wife Pratibha Singh. Last time in 2012, he had contested independently from Kasumatti, although he had to face defeat during that time.

BJP's in-charge Mangal Pandey, in his presence, gave Jyoti Sen a membership in the party. During this period, her husband Veer Vikram Singh was also present. Significantly, the BJP was also looking for Kadumba leader from Kusumpti. Because, BJP's position in this assembly constituency is weak and there is no big face of party.

But, in total, the presence of BJP in Virbhadra Singh's arena is going to play some more in the coming time.

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