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OS Achievers award for Shiva at Sanawar Public School, Solan

Written By Anirudh Sood on Wednesday, 4 October 2017 | 10:43:00

Communication Associate, Solan: 170th Foundation Day was celebrated on Wednesday in Lawrence School Sanawar. In this, Indian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka Taranjit Singh Sandhu joined as Chief Guest

The festival was attended by Diamond Batch, 1957, Golden Batch 1967 and SilverJubilee Batch 1992 students. Apart from this, from 1954, 58, 68, 73, 79, 87, the old batches of new batches Sanarian also reached. The grand parade performed by more than a hundred students on the last day of the festival thrilled everyone. Headmaster Vinay Pandey presented the annual report of academic, sports, cultural and social activities. He said that the school is touching new talukas every day and the students from here are illuminating the name of the school in every area.

Dhruv Gularia, student of the deposit of Himalaya House of the trophy of the 2016-17 trophy of Chief of Army Staff. Yashpal Chaudhary Gold Medal and Captain Jabar Singh Cash Award received on 15th March in the first of two deposits of Hisham Houses of the Godsister Badera. Nellie Lowell Os Gold Medal and cash award went to Shashwat Shamsher Thapa of Ten Thousand Shivalik House. Married Ram Gold medal and cash award went to Devasin Badera of Ten thousand Himalaya House. Sabah Sandhu of the ten thousand Nilgiris House got the Bhagwanti Devi Gold Medal and Cash Award. Vivek Samata Cash Award for 25 thousand Nilgiri House Suraj Gupta. King Konstantin Medal Vindhya House's Avvika Khanna got it. Jodhodiya Community Service Cash Award Vindhya House's Sukrit Kaur got it. Himmadi Yadav of Thimmaiah Cup Nilgiris House was found for organization capacity. For the Progress, Carlil Cup Shivalik House's Warveer Singh Thakur got it. Chief of the Army Staff Cup Best Cadet Himalaya

OSAchievers award for Shiva Keshavan, who was the five-time champion in the Old Sanariyan and Luv games. Ashima Bath received 25 thousand teachers of the year award. At the same time, Vedraj Sharma was rewarded with the Teacher of Excellence Award with sixty thousand cash prizes.

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