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Two department internal fight childrens in the fray. Read full story...

Written By Anirudh Sood on Tuesday, 31 October 2017 | 10:51:00

The primary school building is locked. Children's are obliged to study in open.

Solan: In the battle of two schools of the city, about three and a half hundred children are not getting the fortune. Despite the inauguration of the building, the children are forced to study on the ground in the cold winter. A department has locked the newly constructed building. This has severely affected the crisis in the city's largest government school. There is no place for children to sit near the school. Children are forced to sit under the open skies.

Nearly three hundred children are studying in this primary school established in the periphery of girls' school in the heart of Solan city. In this, A and B sections of each class have been created. There are a total of six rooms near this school. Of these, only six classes can be accommodated. The school management has to put six other sections open in the open. At the same time, during the construction of the building, the contractor did not even lift the debris which was thrown around the primary school building. Because of this, there is a danger of an accident at all times.

In the middle of the city, the inauguration of the disputed building in girls school premises was about one and a half months ago. Prior to the building, the rooms of the primary school were dropped. According to the school management committee of primary school, there was an oral agreement with the secondary school at the time that after construction, two floors below will be given to the primary school. Two floors above will stay near secondary section. But after the inauguration, the secondary school management has locked the entire building.

Children from secondary school sit in two floors above. Due to lack of agreement between these two departments of the same school, the primary school children are not getting the building. Because of this small children have a large crowd of children, while those who do not come to the room are forced to sit in the cold.

Girls school management talk: Chandreshwar Sharma
Deputy Director of Elementary Education Dr. Chandreshwar Sharma said that he went to girls school last days. There they discussed this issue. The school management has assured them that after the closure of two floors, the floor below will be opened for the primary school so that the children of primary school do not get upset and do not disturb the education of children of the big classes.

Will solve the problem soon: Poonam Sood
Deputy Director of Higher Education Poonam Sood said that they will solve this problem soon. They said that steps will be taken to solve the problem of children of the primary school. They will demand a report from the school regarding this dispute and the action will be taken on the basis of that report. Instructions will be issued to the school management for this.

Natural disaster will make things difficult: Rakesh Sharma
Acting Principal of Girls School, Rakesh Sharma said that the school has been constructed by the Education Department. The department will decide where it will sit. If the floor below is closed, then it can be difficult to get children out of school when the earthquake or natural calamity occurs.

Children sitting on the ground in the cold
350 children were studying before building a building in primary school. But due to lack of space, nearly hundred children have left school. Children are being seated on the mat due to lack of space. Their studies are being affected due to the cold and the children are also at risk of falling ill.


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