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What Pensioners said in Solan meeting ?

Written By Anirudh Sood on Tuesday, 3 October 2017 | 10:58:00

Today, 03 October, 2017. Pensioners of Himachal Pradesh said in Solan that Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh has given them nothing except assurance till today. That the hope of half a million pensioners of the state had been damaged and Chief Minister Himachal has yesterday Till it is time

Pensioners say that if they take some decisions to take care of the interests of the pensioners, then all the pensioners will cooperate in their forthcoming elections, otherwise they will have to face the resignation of pensioners in elections.

The Congress government had given the order to fulfill the demand of pensioners

The organization's Vice President Jagannath Nirala, while giving more information, said that Congress had given assurance to fulfill the demands of pensioners in its election manifesto but now five years have passed and the next elections are going to be announced but Congress Demands have not been fulfilled.

Nirala said that if the Congress does not meet their demands till tomorrow, then they will boycott the Congress in the coming elections and whatever political parties will assure their demands will be fulfilled in the elections.


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