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Auto licensed will be canceled if sublet

Written By Anirudh Sood on Tuesday, 21 November 2017 | 08:51:00

More than five thousand running autos without permits

Solan Those who take the auto permit in the name of unemployment, using it as a business, will soon get lost. The Transport Department has started looking for the auto, which the owners have leased forward. Transport Corporation has clarified that auto will run only the name of which will be registered. If any person has given auto as a driver then it will be treated as a sublet and after getting caught, the

license Auto will be canceled and allotted to other needy unemployed. Along with this, registration of two or more autos of the same name will also be canceled.

Transport Department will allow a single autorun on a license in the district. These days, the department has started a campaign for auto inspection. About 543 auto registrations are registered in the district this time. But many of these auto owners continue to run ahead. Some auto drivers also have more than one license. Special instructions are being given to the auto drivers who are approaching the passage to the transport department. The department is only issuing the license of the auto only whose owners are coming to the office itself. The Department has decided to launch a surprise inspection campaign soon. Earlier, the transport department has run a campaign against the auto drivers and for making arbitrary rentals. In this, there were heavy fines for auto drivers. But now the preparations for a big campaign to cancel the permit and license cancellation of auto drivers have been completed.

Run yourself or surrender permit: RTO
RTO MD Sharma said that the auto will only run the permit holder. Someone else will not be allowed to run in their place. Having said that, the auto owner's license will be canceled after assuming that the auto will be caught by anyone else. The permit will be provided to another unemployed and needy youth. Registered auto drivers throughout the district are instructed to surrender themselves or surrender licenses themselves.

Only the unemployed get auto license
Unemployment certificate is required for the auto permit in the district. In the name of employment, the Department of Transportation gives the youth the permit to run auto. But some people are using auto permit as a business. By claiming to be unemployed, he has been licensed by the department while himself is doing some other business. By handing over the auto driver, it has made a dual-earning medium. The department has started work on eliminating this medium.

Widow woman will get auto permit
Regional Transport Corporation Officer MD Sharma said that if a widow or single woman requests permission for the auto permit, she can be issued a permit. In such a case, if the woman does not know to run herself, she can take the services of another auto driver. Said that the main purpose of distributing auto permit is to make poor and destitute people stand on their feet. The department is constantly working for this.


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