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Drinking water reaching people's home through dirty drains

Written By Anirudh Sood on Sunday, 26 November 2017 | 21:57:00

Solan Sanitation of drinking water supply in the city is not fit. Drinking water is reaching the houses through the connecting drains pipes, which are due to the dirty drains and sewerage connections. Solan is not only water shortage but also the water which is being served is also required to investigate and improve.

No department is ready for accountability on this issue of drinking water supply between city council and Irrigation and Public Health Department. The pipes in the city have been irrigated by the irrigation and public health department, while the water supply and Basuli are the responsibility of the city council. In such a way, the pull-out of the two departments is not being improved. At present, about 60 thousand people are being supplied drinking water to the city.

There is a big question of leakage of water across the city, now it is beginning to meet the contaminated elements. The pipeline has been outdated and due to this the water of filthy drains passing through the drinking water line remains in danger. The administration itself has expressed concern about this. The administration has instructed the Irrigation and Public Health Department and the City Council to examine the leakage of water from the pipelines and to separate the pipe pipelines for the supply of drinking water to drains and sewage pipes. The administration has also asked to submit the report in this regard in two days.

Action will be done on homeowners: ADM

ADM Sandeep Negi said that notices will be issued to private house owners whose drinking water supply pipes are with drains and with drainage pipes. In case of non-separation, action will be taken against these housing owners. He instructed the Irrigation and Public Health Department and the City Council to check the leakage of water from the pipelines in the city and arrange the arrangements for separation of pipe pipelines prepared for drinking water supply separately from drains and sewage pipes as soon as possible.

Dirt spreading people in the drains: Municipal Corporation

NP executive officer BR Negi said that drinking water lines will be examined on the instructions of the administration. He said that those who are getting dirt in drinking water pipeline need strict action against them. There is no line of sewerage on Mall road. Here only drain drains have been added to the city, but some people have kept the dirt and sewerage connections in these drains. They should cut off their drinking water line while taking action on them.

City Council's Responsibility: IPH
Avinish Kumar, Assistant Engineer, Irrigation and Public Health Department said that all the work of drinking water in the city is near the Nup. In this case, the repair of drinking water pipeline will also be done by the NAP. The Irrigation and Public Health Department have no role in the city. If the pipe is getting leakage or getting dirty water, then it is the responsibility of the city council's that he fixes it.

Not even improved system after jaundice spread
In the city, dozens of cases of jaundice appeared in the city last year. Many people had to undergo hospital treatment in hospital. However, due to non-maintenance of the supply of drinking water, there is a negligent attitude towards the people of the respective departments. Because the joints of drinking water pipes passing through the dirt-filled drains are loose, sometimes the dirt gets mixed in it. It has the risk of spreading diseases such as jaundice.

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