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M.C. and Businessmen collision on encroachment - Mall road

Written By Anirudh Sood on Wednesday, 22 November 2017 | 19:31:00

Solan City Council repeatedly failed to remove encroachment from the city's Mall road. The story is that just a month ago the order of the High Court was to clear the encroachment with Mall road Solan. But now again the encroachments have started to decorate the shops on the edge of Mall road. This has caused the flames of the orders of the High Court. No action is taken by the City Council, including the district administration. The enthusiasm of the encroachment is getting stronger every day.

However, on Tuesday, the M.C. team reached Mall road to clean up the encroachment, but the campaign remained incomplete after coming in between the businessmen. Just a month ago, on the goods road of the city, the district administration had taken action against the encroachments against the city council as per the order of the High Court. After that, the city's Mall road was opened, while the beauty of the city also came back. But the people of Rehari started collecting their own dues on Mall road again for the Diwali festival. It is growing steadily now. In this, the illegal administration of Khokha was recently removed by the district administration near Murari Market. But in spite of this, the rehearsed shops have again given the shops here. This has resulted in the disregard of the orders of the High Court. At the same time, traders say that before issuing any action, issue notice.

Encroachments will remove by the Municipal Council: Negi

EO BR Negi of the city council said that action is being taken against the encroachments by the court's courtesy. He said that to clear the encroachment from the city's Mall road. the trade union will also be discussed. After this, the campaign to clear the encroachment will be carried forward. On Tuesday, NP had cleaned the encroachment on the city's Mall road.


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