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Municipal corporation will start door 2 door campaign for collecting garbage

Written By Anirudh Sood on Monday, 20 November 2017 | 06:32:00

The town council has issued stringent orders to raise door-to-door garbage in the city. Under these decrees, if a household does not participate in Door to Door, then it can be recommended to cut the connection between electricity and water in his house. At the same time, if a clean man may be caught of not collecting the garbage from the house or if somebody complained it would be departmental action. The City Council started this scheme in the first 8 wards. After that, the work of Door to Door Garbage collection in 12 wards of the city.

The remaining three wards were handed over to the Self-Half Group. Now the nap will collect door to door garbage in all the wards itself. It will be attached to water bill or tax. Nup started this arrangement in all the wards. Which is proving to help Solan keep the city clean. About six-six clean-up workers have been deployed in the wards. Their work is to collect door to door garbage, including cleanliness in the city's wards. It will take away the Kuda Nagar Parishad from government and private offices, schools, colleges, restaurants, kariyanas, vegetable shops etc. under each ward.

Railway track challenge for municipal council

A big challenge for the Ward Municipal Council settled below the railway track. Here the staff reaches the waste to collect garbage but the garbage is not being transported to the trash. The Municipal Council staff itself burn the litter on the railway track. It is pollution and the pollution control board has also issued the notice to the city council about this. But the situation is still out of control.

Action is taken if the waste was caught: EO
Eo BR Negi of the City Council said that in all 15 wards, he has taken over. Earlier, Municipal corporation had 12 wards. Because of this, the NP personnel will take door to door garbage. He told that any employee caught or was subjected to strict action against him.

This will be the Fees
Square per month
Domestic 50
Pan store 200
Kariyana 70
Vegetable shop 200
Two room government office 80
Three to five 160
Six to ten 300
11 to 20 600
Bank 500

Government School 200
Private school 300
Bakery 500
0 to 10 rooms 600
11 to 20 800
21 to 30 1000
More than 1200
Factory 1500
Workshop 400
banquet halll (Per Trip) 800
Private college, hostel 1000
05 to 10 rooms 100
11 to 20 200
More than 2100
Shopping Mall 2000

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