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Murder in Chail of young man .... read full article

Written By Anirudh Sood on Thursday, 30 November 2017 | 23:13:00

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Chail(Solan): In the rainy season of Chail Bus Stand, unknown killers killed one person. The head of the deceased has been struck with stones. The face is completely damaged. According to the police, it has been eaten by dogs. After the initial investigation, the police filed a murder case and started investigations. The situation is being told of late.

According to the police, the person's head was beaten with stones and killed him. Police have arrested a person on the basis of doubt in this case. The police has started taking action in the possession of the dead body and started the action. According to the police, the locals gave information about the dead body lying in the rain shower near Chayal bus stand. When the police team reached the spot, the face of the dead body was completely damaged.

There were injuries on the head of the deceased. Due to being outdoors all night, the dogs had scourged the dead body badly. Police identified the deceased as Tak Marandi (40) son Chaku Marandi village command Chanduita district Katihar Bihar. The police is investigating it as a murder case. The police claim that the reasons for the murder will soon be revealed.

Post-mortem being carried out: SP
SP Mohit Chawla told that local people had given information to the bodies to be found in the police. After this, the police team reached the spot. The case of murder has been found in the initial investigation. Under this, a person was arrested on the basis of doubt. The police have sent the dead bodies to the post-mortem. After this, the true causes of death will be known.

Now a dog's dread, mouth
Human murder has taken place
Chail. Everybody is in the panic with the murder of the bus driver in the rainforest. People say that such cases are disturbed by the peace of the region. But most people are afraid of dogs who have eaten the face of the person after being murdered. People say that the dogs' mouth is now human blood. In such a way, dogs can attack anyone. In such a situation, dogs may be more dreaded. People have demanded to catch these dogs soon. There are about forty stray dogs in the area. Especially people are worried about the safety of children. People say that the small children can flush it, therefore the concerned department should take action in this matter as soon as possible. Dogs have tasted the blood of human beings so they can attack people.


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