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Tenants' data to be given to the landlords in the police station

Written By Anirudh Sood on Friday, 17 November 2017 | 21:48:00

Baddi (Solan). Due to the assembly elections, the police has now started exercising work to settle pending cases in the police stations under the District Police Baddi. With this, the police have asked the landlords to give full information about the migrant tenants living here. In case of violators and in any subsequent incident, migrant tenants are found involved, then action will also be taken against the respective landlord. In order to solve the pending cases on the priority basis, SP has issued stringent instructions to the investigating officers including the police officials.

Under the chairmanship of SP Rahul Nath, in the monthly crime review meeting held on Friday of District Police Baddi, they asked the Police stations Chargeholders to keep the security-round. The SP has also issued instructions for registration of registration of their criminal offenders by executing the criminal cases of migrants and verification of industries and homeowners including various security agencies, job placement, contractors. Winter season has come and ATMs increase theft and loot incidents

in this season. In such a situation, the Superintendent of Police has instructed all the deputy commanders to strengthen the patrol campaign.

He instructed the police officials to monitor the suspects on their own so that they could be saved from any kind of untowardness. He issued the order to the police in charge and said that if a person finds them suspicious, then he should immediately detain him and interrogate him closely. He instructed the police staff, including the police stations in charge of strengthening the security of the borders.To prevent road accidents, the invoice was to speed up the campaign. Along with the drivers instructed to make them aware. He also called upon the people not to let their minor children drive and the drivers keep all the documents themselves. They set up CCTV cameras, banks and other large institutions, including the toll barrier so that the police could get the evidence after criminal cases.

In the meeting, DSP Baddi Rahul Sharma, DSP Nalagarh Anil Verma, SHO Baddi Mast Ram Naik, SHO Barotiwala Jai ​​Thakur, SHO Nalagarh Jitendra Singh Kanwar, HSO Ramshahar Ajit Singh, women police station in-charge Rita were present.


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