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District Health Care Scheme starts. read to get benefits

Written By Anirudh Sood on Wednesday, 6 December 2017 | 18:56:00

Solan Smart cards of beneficiaries are currently being made in the district under the Universal Health Protection Scheme. Chief Medical Officer Solan Dr. RK Drooch told that the smart card of the scheme is currently being made in the Room No. 9 of the Chief Medical Officer's office, Solan. Said that beneficiaries can first fill the online form on the website to avail the scheme. Apart from this, any lokmitra can go to the center and fill the form. He said that beneficiary should keep a copy of this filled form with you. 365 per card will be charged.

In order to make the beneficiary his smart card, the copy of the completed form has to be submitted to the office of Chief Medical Officer, Solan, and his base card will be brought together. The beneficiary will have to bring with him the members of the family, whose names are to be included in the smart card. At the same time, the beneficiary will have to pay premium of Rs 365 per card under the scheme.

How to Apply for Health Insurance Scheme HP:

For filling the form in the Lokmitra center, Rs. 10 will be charged as fee and two rupees will be charged as fee for scanning of identity card. The beneficiary in the Lokmita Center will have to pay a total of Rs 377 per card.

This will get benefits in the plan

Under this scheme, the recruitment of members of any age of the beneficiary's family to the identified hospital will be given free treatment upto Rs 30,000 per family per year. In the event of critical illness, for a free treatment in the marked hospital, one lakh rupees 75,000 will be available. For the cancer disease, this limit has been fixed at Rs 2,25,000.

Click below link to fill online form.

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