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Horticulture Department will give 50 thousand fruit plants to the gardeners for winter season in district Solan

Written By Anirudh Sood on Wednesday, 20 December 2017 | 01:23:00


This time in the winter season, the Horticulture Department will give 50 thousand fruit plants to the planters. It will include apple, acetate, pear, palam, Khormani, pomegranate, peach, kiwi and almond plants. This plant has been prepared in the Nursery of Horticulture Department Solan's Flower Garden Center, Gowda, Arki, Dadlaghat, Khatani and Baga-Mangal.

From the department, Baghanni can buy from 30 to 45 rupees per plant. This time, the Kiwi plants have been demanded from the Baghwanas. The fruits include Kiwi's Alison, Hayward Species, Pomegranate Kandhari and Synduris, Khurmani New Castle, Kesha, Palam Santa Rosa, Black Amber, Frontier, Peach July Alberta, Pears Chazeiro, Babbugosa, Almond Thinschild, Drake Necktrain, May Fire, Red Gold , Apple red chip, galgala and organic spacer -2.

In order to plant fruit plants in it, Baghans can take the help of nearby garden expansion officer and garden development officer to prepare their own garden. Gardeners should select fruitful plants according to the climate.

How should we Planting Plants

Dr. Deshraj Sharma, the departmental specialist of the department told that keep a distance of 6-6 meters between the Khummani plants. Peach plants should be kept at a distance of four and a half-four meters, 8-8 meters in walnut plants. The pit should be 3 feet deep and 3 feet wide for planting. Fill 10-15 kg of dung manure, super phosphate and one kilo kilogram in the soil extracted from digging pits, fill the pits well, in which the planting work should be done later. Keep the water from time to time after planting.

Department will give new gardens monetory help

The Horticulture Department provides assistance under the Integrated Horticulture Mission for setting up a new garden. In this, assistance is provided at the rate of 60 thousand rupees per hectare including drip irrigation for condensate gardening and at the rate of 50 thousand rupees per hectare for non-drip irrigation. In order to establish a garden in normal distance, 40 thousand drip irrigation and 30 thousand rupees for a drip irrigation is provided at a rate of per hectare.

Solan plants found after January 13

S Guleria, Deputy Director, Horticulture Department, Solan said that 50 thousand saplings will be given to the gardeners this winter in the winter season. Sale of plants will start after January 13 in Solan. Baghwan can strengthen its economic status by planting good plant species. Take advantage of the facilities provided under Baghwan Integrated Horticulture Mission.

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