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2018 first lunar eclipse on January 31

Written By Anirudh Sood on Monday, 29 January 2018 | 22:36:00

On the basis of astronomy, the solar eclipse occurs at the end of the new moon and at the beginning of the epicenter, while the lunar eclipse occurs at the end of the full moon and in the beginning of the epic, the path of the ecliptic and the lunar eclipse is not one, therefore, each new moon and full moon is eclipsed by the revolving Earth There was a path to orbiting the Sun. The way of the moon orbiting the earth by the moon. The pathways cut each other in the north and south, which are said to be Rahu and Ketu, respectively, in total 7 planets can take place in 1 year. The maximum number of a solar eclipse can be 5 and the number of the lunar eclipses can be 3.

There are three types of solar eclipse Khagrassa, Khandhargas, and auspicious form, whereas the lunar eclipse contains two types in Khagrass and Khandargas form. There is the sum of four eclipses in the Samvat 2074 Samvat, on 31 January 2018 Khagrassa Chandragrahaan Maghi Purnima on Wednesday touched the eclipse It will be at 5: 18:00. Khagras will start from 6:15 am to 7:38 pm and the eclipse will end at 8:42 pm. The eclipse festival will be 3 hours and 24 minutes. The eclipse will start from sunrise in the morning. This lunar eclipse will occur on Cancer and Pushti and Ashlisha Nakshatra. Eclipse of this zodiac and constellation will be a very catastrophic factor.

Ganga bath, bath in pilgrimage place and bathing in rivers will be beneficial. Will create hatred spirit in politics.People will have to face inflation. Aries, physical problems, money coming to Taurus, money loss, economic loss, avoiding cancer accidents, lion's economic loss, daughter wealth gain, public happiness, Scorpio reputation at stake, Sagittarius Sarasukh, Makar Husband wives to husband, Aquarius happiness, Pisces provide anxiety to the zodiac sign. It will be beneficial to feed the cows.


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