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MP's nephew challaned on playing V.I.P hooters.... check whole report

Written By Anirudh Sood on Tuesday, 30 January 2018 | 22:51:00

Dharmpur (Solan) Dharmpur police on Kalka-Shimla National Highway cut an invoice when Punjab's MP's nephew plays a hotter. The MP's nephew had installed this hooter in his private car. On the spot, the police got rid of the hooter on the spot. According to the police, five tourists came to Himachal to enjoy and fun. While passing through Kumarhati to Dharmpur. On his way back, he was stranded in the jam for a long time from Kumarhati to Dharmpur. After this, the driver used VIP Hotter, mistakenly and overtaking on the highway from the direction of the vehicle started to remove the vehicle. When another tourist came to know about this, they complained to the police personnel deployed in Dharmpur. After this, the driver was interrogated by the vehicle stopped.

Considering his mistake, the driver told his identity to be the nephew of Lok Sabha MP from Ludhiana of Punjab. After this, the police brought these people to Dharmpur police station. Here the cutter was cut off by an invoice of 2500 rupees on the driver.

Driver's Batch Invoice: DSP

DSP Parameshwara Ramesh Sharma said that the police have received a complaint that a private vehicle was using a hooter to take the car from the wrong direction. After this, the police stopped the vehicle and searched it, which they found hooter inside the car. Due to this, hooter was taken in police custody on the spot and vehicle is being taken to dharmpur police station.

VIP practices not ending

Dharampur Police has invoked the invoice for imposing blue and red lights of many VIPs from outside states. Many VIPs who come from outside states to Himachal have been violating the rules by using hooters and lights to show their status. To eliminate VIP culture, the central and state governments had issued the notification almost a year ago. But the leaders of the leaders are still using the hotter while using the vehicle's car.


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