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Police remand till Monday evening for looters on liquor contracts

Written By Anirudh Sood on Sunday, 28 January 2018 | 21:00:00

Kandaghat, Solan

The accused, who were arrested in the case of liquor contracts in Kandaghat, were produced in court on Friday. From where he got the police remand till Monday. From the four accused, the police have got 39 thousand rupees from 60 thousand rupees. While the police is questioning for the rest of the amount.

According to the police, four days before the liquor contract situated on the Kandaghat-Chaal road, on Wednesday night, the salesman was taken hostage by looting and clearing his hands on 60 thousand rupees. Police were informed about this. After this, the police searched for the accused. On the second day, the police arrested the accused from Auto in Solan Saproon on the salesman's identity. For this, the police formed a special team.

About this, SHO Kandaghat Sandeep Sharma said that the accused were presented to the court. Where he was sent on police remand till Monday. He said that so far 39 thousand rupees have been recovered. Inquiries are going on for the remaining amount.


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