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The President and the Prime Minister heads were decorated with Sangat Singh Pundir created hats.

Written By Anirudh Sood on Monday, 29 January 2018 | 21:32:00

The hat made by the hands of Singhan Singh, who was working in conservation of Himachal traditional costumes in Solan city of the state, has been decorated with the head of the President Ramnath Kobind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During the government service, Himachali has been wearing apparel cap, shawl, loiya, jacket, coat, hood jacket in part time and has been doing hats, shawls for 26 years. The shawls, cap and other Himachali apparel of Sangit Singh Pundir are leaving an indelible impression of Himachali culture in India and abroad.

After wearing the Himachali cap and muffler, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had traveled America and Israel, wearing the Himachali cap made by this artisan, President Ramnath Kobind saluted the 69th Republic Day celebration with Rajpath. People from all over the world saw the Himachali cap on the head of the President who was prepared by Solan's well-known artisan Sangit Singh Pundir.

Conscious Singh Pundir expressed happiness and said that working in the Fire Department in Fire Department, in Kullu, he learned to build cap, muffler and shawl. He said that he had been doing the same thing for 26 years, as the result of which today the Bani hat and Muffler of his hand have preferred the President and the Prime Minister.

Sangit Singh Pundir told that the President has a special attachment with Himachali cap, he said that the hill hinge of Himachal is leaving the country not only in the country but in foreign countries, whose victory will be won by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And the muffler was worn during Prime Minister's visit to America and Israel. He said that his family has contributed a lot to his achievement.


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