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Drought in District dried eight thousand fruit plants

Written By Anirudh Sood on Tuesday, 6 February 2018 | 21:27:00

Nearly eight thousand fruit plants were planted in a dry weather nursery in the district. This plant was to be distributed throughout the district on behalf of the Department of Horticulture. But due to continuous drought, the plants dried up and no longer worth any use. Not only this, other species of other species (stone fruit), including about seven thousand common people, have also received drought. These plants are trying to cut the horticulture department and prepare it again.

Other species of this plant were planted in private nurses, authorized by the BBN. The plants dried here with mist and fog effect. The department has not completely destroyed these seven thousand plants. Drought has had major impact on horticulture. In Upper Himachal, all species from apple to mango have been affected by its introduction. The chilling hour for apples has not been completed. Other fruits, which include pear, walnut, khumani and kiwi, other included plants are not able to tolerate drought and have already ended before it flourishes. According to the Department of Horticulture, due to the destruction of these plants, the loss of about Rs 21 lakh has already been done. Drought season is still in Solan and it is expected to increase further due to the loss.

11 Harvesting of plants occurring in nursery
Horticulture Department in the district cultivates fruitful plants through 11 nurses. These plants are prepared and transported to the gardeners through various means. Near the department, there are seven nurses in the district, while four are from the private sector. The operators of the private nursery have an agreement with the department and they work to get ready-made plants to the department. This time the worst loss has happened in private sector nurses.

BBN destruction of plants by mist outbreak
This time the mist of mist has been high in the BBN. Because of this, the plants are not well prepared in the nurses running here. In the district, the 15,000 plants which have been declared destroyed or affected due to drought, the largest number of seedlings are planted in the BBN area. In the nurseries here, the department was preparing fruits grown in hot areas.

15 thousand plants have been affected: Balvant Gularia

Horticulture Department's Deputy Director Balwant Singh Gularia said that 15 thousand plants that were growing in nurseries were affected by the dry season. These eight thousand plants have been completely destroyed. Seven thousand plants have been affected by drought. Most of them are mango plants, which the department is trying to replicate again. The department has suffered heavy losses due to drought. Plants in the BBDN area have been destroyed due to the gauze. It has an impact on Stone Fruit.


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