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Tomato paste industry will start in Solan

Written By Anirudh Sood on Thursday, 8 February 2018 | 22:12:00

Solan The proper value of Tomato crop of farmers of the district will now be found in Solan only. For this, the processing industry, tomato paste industry will be set up for Tomatoes in Solan soon. This will provide financial benefits to the farmers of other districts including District Solan. It will be manufactured soon It has been disclosed by the Minister of Tribal Development and Information Technology, Dr. Ram Lal Markanda. Solan district is leading in the production of tomatoes and in the Solan mandi, many districts of Himachal contribute to tomato. After this, the traders from outside states supply their tomatoes in the country. But farmers could not get the proper price for this crop. With the establishment of the industry, farmers will get the value of the tomatoes found in the outside states. Farmers' earnings will also be double. An annual turnover of 135 crore rupees is done in Mandi in Solan vegetable market. The tomato is the highest revenue for the vegetable market.

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Tomato is cultivated in different areas of Himachal including District Solan. Of this, most of the tomatoes are grown in district Solan. Tomato is the main source of income of farmers here but farmers do not have any system to process their crops including processing. This has forced the farmers to sell their crops at a reduced price. They are also facing losses. However, now with the opening of the processing industry in Solan where the youth will get employment. Farmers can also direct their crops directly to the industry. With this, they will get the right price for their tomato crop, while going to outside states will help to relieve the problem of selling tomatoes. Farmers will be able to sell tomatoes here.

Potato processing industry to be set up in Kullu
Potato-based food processing industry will be set up in District Kullu. This will ensure that the full use of potato crop produced in the state will be ensured, while the financial condition of the farmers will also be strengthened. The processing industry will also be helpful in providing better employment and self-employment to the youth.

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