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About Solan

Solan is one of twelve distt. in Himachal Pradesh. Solan is also popularly known as Mushroom City of India and City of Red Gold Solan is having India first University of his kind Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry. The glory of Solan not ended here also some more statistics are mentioned below:

More Facts about Solan are below:

  • City Of Red Gold : Largest production of Tomato in Himachal.
  • Baddi Industrial Area: Solan is also No. 1 in Himachal Pradesh in generating employment. 
  • Barog Tunnel : Barog tunnel is the straightest tunnel in world.
  • Barog Fitness Camp:  Barog also serves as a fitness camp for the Indian Hockey and other athletics team of India.
  • Dagshai Solan:  Dagshai was founded by the East India Company in 1847 by securring free of cost five villages from Maharaja of Patiala.
  • Dharampur Solan:  Dharampur connected by Kalka Shimla Railway line. It houses the first T.B. Sanatorium in North India.
  • Karol Solan: The highest point in the top Mount karol 2280 Meters. 
  • Karol Solan:  The place has its historic values as Pandavas lived here during their 'Agyatvas'  period.
  • Kasauli Solan:  The cantonment was established in British Raj by Colonial hill station in 1842.
  • Solan:  Solan is also developing as educational hub of Himachal Pradesh.
  • Vegetables in Solan:  Largest production of vegetables in Himachal.
  • Mushroom City Solan:  Largest producer of Mushroom in India. 
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