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Privacy Policy

What data do we gather?

We gather email address whosoever subscribe to us. This supporters gets messages at whatever point there is new substance posted on site.

What we do with data we gathers?

Any of comments/suggestions we collect from you that we utilized in following ways:

To enhance client experience

(We attempt to improve site n better with profitable substance with your proposals )

To enhance solan live

(we ceaselessly endeavor to enhance solan live by taking into account the suggestions and criticism we get from you)

To send post updates

The subscribed email address you give might be utilized to send you new content updates for newar by areas in Himachal and tourist places.

Note: In any movement. If you decided that you don't wants to be a part of solan live and not wants more updates for solan and near by areas you are free to unsubsribe newsletter in email you receive.

Disclaimer: All data gave on site is information gathered from different online and offline sources. Solan Live just gives data identified with encompassing of urban communities Development, Tourism, Food, Business, Educational information. On the off chance that regardless anyone feels of a few changes or change please feel to keep in touch with us at:

Changes to our Privacy Policy

As we all are a solan live family in any case you feel like we should have to update any content in privacy policies. You are free to write at below email ID:

Reaching Us

In the event that there are any inquiries in regards to this security arrangement you may get in touch with us utilizing the data beneath.


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